Marital Discord Takes Bizarre Turn; Wife Injected With HIV+ Syringe

| Updated: December 26, 2022 4:53 pm

In what is perplexing the police as much as anyone who hears of the same, a doubting husband injected his wife with an HIV+ shot after a heated altercation on Sunday. The incident, reported from Surat’s Rander vicinity, left the wife in critical care while the husband has been arrested. 

On trail of the case, the police questioned neighbours and close associates of the couple. “Loud noises were often heard from their flat. We were aware of some trouble but the duo largely kept to themselves,” shared residents of the same building.

On basis of the accused’s reconstruction of the crime, police insiders shared that the man “sourced the injection from a child carrier.” 

“Further details are being investigated in this matter, which could take a serious turn,” added sources. 

After being injected with the painful shot, the wife rushed to the nearest hospital stating pain and uneasiness. Upon blood sampling of the injected site, the reports showed that she was HIV+. 

The man is in police custody while the woman is still in critical care. “The man’s statements are being recorded and we are fearing that the procurement source might just unearth a while new nexus of bio-crime in couple fallouts,” shared the police officer. 

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