Measure Pizza In Centimeters Or Face Penalties: Weights And Measures Department

| Updated: December 7, 2021 5:14 pm

Most pizza outlets measure pizza in inches, but according to the Weights and Measures Department, it is mandatory to measure pizza in centimeters or face penalties. It is also against the law to display pizza as small, medium or large in size.

In accordance with these rules the department fined a pizza outlet in Prahladnagar for breaking the rules. A fine of Rs 3 lakh has also been imposed on 100 hotels in the state for charging more than the MRP for items sold from hotel restaurants on the highways.

As many as 300 hotels were inspected by Monday evening, December 6, out of which 100 hotels were penalized for irregularities. A prosecution case was also filed against some hotels.

One ten restaurant in Odhav and Kaka ni Bhaji pau were fined for not showing quantities in their menu cards.  Surabhi restaurant in Odhav was fined for not having net quantity displayed in their menu and Bhagyoday Hotel in Sanand for not showing weight in their menu. Honest-Priya Hospitality in Prahladnagar has been fined for not showing the right size of pizza, and not showing quantity in the menu card of Patel Food Works, The Pizza.

Maharaja Hotel & Parlor on SG Highway was fined for charging higher prices on cigarette packets. The Dhaba Hotel in Prahladnagar was also fined, as well as Ambika Dalwada.

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