Minorities Call For Countrywide Hunger Strike In Bangladesh After ISKCON Temple Vandalization

| Updated: October 17, 2021 10:11 pm

After the vandalization of a Hindu temple during Durga Puja celebrations in Noakhali, Bangladesh by unidentified majority groups, a minority group announces a countrywide hunger strike.

Hindu temples and shops in Feni have been vandalized and burglarized during new conflicts on Saturday that broke out after an assault on demonstrators who were protesting the assaults on Durga Puja scenes in a few spots in Bangladesh.

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The conflicts left no less than 40 individuals, including the Officer In-charge, Nizamuddin of Feni Model Police Station injured in the clashes.

On Saturday night, specialists conveyed extra police powers and the paramilitary power – Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), after a few temples and organizations owned by Hindus were vandalized and looted during conflicts that endured from 4:30 PM (nearby an ideal opportunity) to 12 PM.

The report said that a few reprobates on Saturday vandalized six idols at the Daniapara Maha Shoshan Kali Mandir in Rashunia Union of Sirajdikhan upazila in Munshiganj, around 40 km from here.

It said that fights against assaults and defacing on Hindu temples during the Durga Puja festivities proceeded the nation over on Saturday, as did the defacement that prompted the public objection.

In the meantime, in the country’s southeastern port city of Chittagong, the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council reported a demonstration and yearning strike from October 23 to challenge the assaults during the Durga Puja festivities.

The dissent occasions will happen at Dhaka’s Shahbagh and Chittagong’s Andarkilla, the Council’s General Secretary Advocate, Rana Dasgupta said at a public interview at the Chittagong Press Club.

Prior to making the declaration, the forum noticed a six-hour strike in Chittagong on Saturday.

The Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad has requested praiseworthy disciplines for those associated with the uncontrolled defacing, savagery and disorder that occurred during the Durga Puja festivities.

Milan Kanti Dutta, president of the forum, said that they would dispatch a harder development if the public authority did not pay regard to their interest.

Charu Chandra Das Brahmachari, general secretary of ISKCON Bangladesh, cautioned that the local area would not sit quiet and watch the assaults occur.

“We believe a group of fundamentalists are initiating such hatred to upset religious harmony. We also know some activists of the ruling party are affiliated with such heinous crimes at some locations. I would like to urge the prime minister to not become weak and take action against them too,” he said.

The leaders of the forum additionally requested the order of a protection law and a national minority council.

In the interim, the decision Awami League-supported Blue Panel teachers of Dhaka University on Sunday unequivocally condemned the defacing at a few Durga Puja scenes and icons in different places across the country.

Blaming the Opposition for the viciousness, Information and Broadcasting Minister, Hasan Mahmud on Saturday accused the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of engineering violence.

“BNP-Jamaat is involved in communal incitement. The BNP-Jamaat has chosen the path of various conspiracies by failing to deal with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina politically. There was a political motive behind the incident in Comilla which has provoked communal outrage across the country,” the minister said.

Mahmud said that those vandalizing temples and assaulting the law enforcers are being distinguished through CCTV film.

The minds behind the viciousness will likewise be dealt with, he added.

The Durga Puja festivities on Friday closed in Bangladesh in the midst of long stretches of communal distress and savagery over supposed profanation, prompting the organization of paramilitary powers in the greater part of the authoritative locale.

The paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has extended the vigil from 22 to 34 out of 64 managerial areas.

The elite anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) said it hopes to capture a portion of the vital culprits of the irregular brutality which occurred in the beyond three days.

Up until now, five individuals were killed and scores of others were harmed during conflicts between Muslim biased people and the police at Hajiganj sub-area in focal Chandpur on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sheik Hasina vowed to deal with the offenders behind the violence, saying anybody engaged with the assaults on Hindu sanctuaries and Durga Puja scenes in Cumilla will not be saved.

The violence had ejected after a supposed irreverence episode at a Durga Puja structure in Cumilla, lining Chandpur and around 100 km from Dhaka, after which a test was dispatched.

Inconsistent conflicts progressed forward Friday among police and extreme right-winged people while outrageous conservative Islamic Shashontantra Andolon on Saturday took out a major parade in midtown Dhaka’s Purana Paltan region fighting what they called as “belittling of the “Sacred Quran”.

The Durga Puja festivities, viewed as the greatest celebration of the minority Hindu people group in Bangladesh, finished up without the customary Bijoya Dashami parade.

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