Monthly MF SIP Flows Reach New Height Of Rs 13,306 Cr

| Updated: December 10, 2022 12:31 pm

The Monthly flows through the systematic investment plan (SIP) course into the mutual funds touched a new height of Rs 13,306 crore in November. Retail investors have ignored the instability in the world stock market.

The total fund industry’s Assets Under Management (AUM) surpassed the Rs 40 lakh crore mark, as per the data of the fund industry trade body AMFI. November was the second sequential month when the monthly SIP flows surpassed the Rs 13,306 crore mark.

Experts believe that the lifetime high domestic flows through the SIP route reflect the growing maturity and confidence of domestic investors for more than a year now.

There was a significant drop in the net flows in last month to October. Reportedly, there have been outflows from retail schemes in November as people are embodying profits due to the escalating consumption in the festive season.

The AMFI further stated that the month of November showed the debt schemes as a factor in the net flow of Rs 3,669 crore, the equivalent number for equity schemes was Rs 2,258 crore. Whereas, the hybrid schemes viewed a net outflow of Rs 6,477 crore. Among the compliant schemes, index funds recorded net inflows of Rs 8,602 crore.

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