Morbi Bridge Tragedy: Rs 1 Crore Worth of Teakwood Missing

| Updated: November 2, 2022 11:33 am

The Morbi bridge collapse that claimed over 140 lives has raised many questions that remain unanswered.

It has been that the maintenance company—OREVA—claimed Rs 2 crore for renovation, while only Rs 30 lakh was spent for the renovation of the bridge. Besides, the old teakwood used in the fabrication of the bridge by the British has been replaced by aluminium sheets. As per the current rate, the cost of the teakwood that has been replaced would amount to Rs 1 crore. The question that everyone is asking is who took the teakwood?

There are other questions too which emerge. When the bridge was opened in 1887, only 15 people were allowed on it at a time. In that case, who allowed so many people to go on the bridge? As many as 306 people were on the bridge at the time of the mishap.

Moreover, the firm did not bother to obtain any formal permission or arrange for safety testing before opening the bridge to the general public. Speculations are rife that the opening was hastened to gain from the crowds expected during the ongoing Diwali festivities.

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