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| Updated: May 2, 2022 2:01 pm

Deep…Drowning… Fear. These were the first words I thought when my parents sent me to learn to swim. I stressed that I might drown as the water was too deep. They still took me to the pool. Sanjay sir was there as the coach. My first lesson was kicking and holding my breath underwater. Gradually I learned to move in the pool by holding on to Sir’s hand.

A week into this routine, one day, after doing 3/4 of the breath he left my hand all of a sudden and I barely managed to reach the handrail. I was furious at him for leaving my hand without telling me. That day, I decided that swimming is not meant for me and it was too difficult…and I quit. I made up my mind to never do it again and never go near water.

Sir knew I had given up on myself but he did not give up on me. He asked me to give myself another chance and come back. He inspired me to overcome my fear and made me believe that I can do anything. If I want something bad enough, the whole universe will work to make it happen.

From that day onwards, I believed in myself. Due to my coach’s resilience and not giving up on me, finally I did learn how to swim. He made me overpower my dread. Now, the words that come to me when I see water are – Swim… Fearlessness…Joy. Now I can proudly say I BELIEVE in myself and ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you Sir for not giving up on me, when I gave up on myself. You made me believe in the power of resilience and that nothing is impossible if you choose so. This is one mantra that has helped me and will continue to help me in my journey through life.

Aarushi Trivedi is a class 6th student of Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  1. Mihir Oza

    Well written Aarushi. Well done. This also inspires other children to win over their fears with right guidance.

  2. Vidyadhar ( Satish )

    You defied Newton’s law of Inertia with your tenacity and your coach played pivotal role in your making. Hats off to your Coach.

  3. Deepa

    Way to go Aarushi !! Fight your fears .. Nothing is impossible if you set your heart to achieve it … wonderful writing … Keep inspiring people around you!!

  4. Mayank Batavia

    Such a powerful post, so well told with the genuine simplicity that only the young can bring.

    Great message, Aarushi! Keep writing more!

  5. Nilesh Suchdev

    Our teachers teach us not only what they have to teach us immediately, but also a way of life. You are lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher. Kudos to your expression, Aarushi!

  6. Purva Mankad

    Very well expressed Arushi, you learnt a like skill – swimming and a life lesson to never give up . Congratulations..

  7. Vidyadhar ( Satish )

    Very well articulated Aarushi. You defied Newton’s law of Inertia with your tenacity. Hats off to your coach who played pivotal role in your making. Keep on writing.

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