My Summer of 2022

| Updated: June 4, 2022 1:27 pm

By Samaira Jindal

This year, I traveled to three different locations, and today I’m going to tell you about my experiences in one of them, Switzerland. For 15 days, I was a member of a camp called Les Elfes, which took us to Switzerland.

Let’s get into some specifics now. We spent the first week of our trip to Switzerland at Zermatt. Zermatt was a stunning village with no automobiles allowed. In Zermatt, we had a jam-packed agenda, with skiing taking up the entire morning and two hours after lunch, and after skiing, we used to go back to the hotel where we had some time to rest and come down for team building activities.

There were various activities to choose from, but my favourite was bushcraft, where we learned survival skills such as how to create a fire, a shelter, and many other things. As you may expect, we were fatigued by that point and were ready for dinner by 6:30 p.m. We had clubs after the supper, and I was in the dragon’s den, where we had to create a product. Our task was to design a device that would make skiing simpler. After everyone’s clubs, we were all exhausted, so we all went and slept.

While we were at Zermatt, I learned a number of skills, including how to be self-sufficient because skiing requires you to manage yourself and be responsible for yourself. I learned how to operate as part of a team and to listen to other people’s ideas rather than relying solely on my own. I learnt coordination, and let me tell you, living in a room with four people is not simple, therefore coordination is essential. I learnt time management because I had to be on time for all of my activities and prioritise a few things to avoid wasting my time.

After the first week in Zermatt, we went to Verbier for three days. There, we participated in a variety of adventure activities such as a rope course, bridge swinging, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, and hiking.

In Verbier, I learned to face my fears while having fun. We spent the last two days in Crans, visiting the Olympic Museum, a cheese factory, a chocolate factory, an aqua park, and seeing a movie.

The Cheese and Chocolate Factory was a fantastic place to visit where we learned about its history and how it got started. We learned about the origins of the Olympics and how they have evolved over time at the Olympic Museum. The aqua park was a lot of fun because we went on a lot of water rides and had a great time!

And this was the end of the trip! I had an amazing time and a great experience as a part of this camp.

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