NCERT Removes Chapter On Gujarat Riots From Class 12 Textbook

| Updated: June 17, 2022 12:40 pm

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has removed topics from the Class 12 Political Science curriculum related to Gujarat riots, the Cold War, and Mughal courts.

The NCERT has also removed sections on the industrial revolution from a Class 11 textbook and allusions to select Dalit writers from a Class 7 textbook as part of a textbook rationalisation exercise for the current academic session.

A team of NCERT subject experts began the rationalisation process, which is now complete, last December for the 2022-23 academic session.

The NCERT team has also published pages on the “Naxalite movement’s” history and “Controversies During Emergency.”

The content was removed as part of the rationalisation because it overlapped with similar content in other subject areas in the same class and was “content that is irrelevant in the current context,” according to the NCERT team.

Other removed content from Class 12 textbooks includes entire chapters on Mughal Courts, a poem on ‘The Dalit Movement,’ and a chapter on the Cold War. Central Islamic lands and the Industrial Revolution chapters have also been removed from class 12 textbooks.

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