Netflix: Meet The Engineer Who Quit His Rs 3.5 Crore Job

| Updated: June 6, 2022 4:17 pm

At the time of the pandemic when most companies had to resort to firing employees because of the receding revenue, Michael Lin was probably an outcast when he decided to resign from his Rs. 3.5 crores per year job, simply because it was not fulfilling his criteria of the dream occupation.

In a world where money is a driving force, this decision does not sit well with most of us especially considering it was taken in times of a pandemic, a period where we all struggled to meet ends.

Micheal had applied for a role change but the company, Netflix did not agree. With a realization that he was not evolving professionally, Lin started to get demotivated which resulted in quality of his work as well.

He got a warning from the company that if things remained the same, he could end up being fired; but before the company took the call, he resigned due to job dissatisfaction.

Nervous as anyone would be after taking such a huge decision, Micheal had his share of apprehensions after leaving but neither his social life nor his career was affected by this change of events. He is trusting the process even though he does not have any dependable means of income yet, he believes good things come to those who wait.

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