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New DC Film Calls Kashmir ‘Disputed’; Shows Superman, Wonder Woman Destroying Military Equipment

| Updated: October 22, 2021 15:29

A clip circulating on social media, purportedly from the new animated film Injustice, appears to show DC superheroes Superman and Wonder Woman destroying all military equipment in Kashmir and this has riled up some Twitter users.

In the clip, a narrator’s voice appears to refer to Kashmir as “disputed”. The same voice announces that the superheroes’ action of destroying “every piece of military equipment” has led to the region being declared “an arms-free zone.” Accompanying 2D animated visuals show the two superheroes ripping apart aircraft and chucking flying objects out of the way. Parachutes, presumably carrying pilots, are shown to be descending on hilly terrain.

Before the Kashmir visuals, the clip shows Superman participating in action against a fictional government called “m’gota”, which has “waged war against its own people.” Afterwards, Superman is seen between what appear to be flags of Israel and Palestine, urging two representatives to “agree to the terms, or they will be agreed to for you.”

Injustice is inspired by a video game, Injustice: God Among Us and Tom Taylor’s graphic novel based on the video game, Injustice: God Among Us: Year One.

In the film, Superman seeks to avenge the villain Joker’s grave crimes, which include killing Superman’s partner Lois Lane and their unborn child. The Justice League, including Batman and Wonder Woman among other superheroes, attempt to rein in Superman’s rage.

The film will not have a theatrical release and only released in 4K, blu-ray, and digital formats on October 19. Prior to that, it was discussed by a panel at a global virtual DC fan event.

It is therefore unclear how the clip began to be circulated online – some reports say a preview version of the film was leaked online nearly a week before release.

One participant on Twitter, @_devildog_mm_, who identifies as a ‘DC fanboy’ and an Air Force enthusiast in his bio description, claims to have identified the 2D aircraft which the superheroes are shown destroying.

“Indian Air Force F/A-18D “Hornets”, armed with AIM-9L “Sidewinder” InfraRed (IR) Close Combat Missiles (CCMs), being destroyed by renowned Justice League icon Superman over Kashmir,” the user writes.

On Reddit, where the clip also appeared, arguments have been rife on whether the jets shown are used by the Pakistani or Indian military.

The mention of Kashmir as “disputed” and the fictional superheroes’ move to destroy military equipment has riled up a section of commentators on social media.

Some commentators have reacted with the argument that the film’s American creators should look inwards.

“Shows even when Americans don’t understand the whole situation they feel the need to interfere in others matters,” says one tweet.

“America is literally always butting its nose in another’s nations business,” says another.

Another commentator says, “Waiting for the story when superman will handover America to Red Indians, Australia to Native Australians.”

“So now comic writers write politics of world that they don’t know? I think not, this is a well planned deliberate attempt to showcase supremacy subtly to the young consumers who have no idea. It’s a no brainer who are behind such activities,” writes another.

Some others have called for the film to be banned in India.

First making an appearance in 1938, Superman – created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster – has been an active object of literary and political analysis since his arrival. Since then, the hero has tried to move with the times – most recently, the announcement that the new Superman will be coming out as bisexual in an upcoming issue of the comic has made waves in news.

In the face of the immense popularity of the Avengers, from Marvel Comics, a team consisting of heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, both Superman and Batman have held their own. But dabbling in politics is relatively new, and as is apparent, the Man of Steel’s ‘intervention’ in Kashmir has angered a few.

This story was first published by ‘The Wire’.

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