No Big Fat Indian Wedding This Season

| Updated: January 14, 2022 1:34 pm

With the auspicious wedding season marred by rising corona cases, the big fat Indian wedding has been put on hold. The couples, however, have decided to enter into holy matrimony, even if the fanfare has been cut down. 

Take the case of Shailee and Dhruvil. All set to tie the knot on January 22, Shailee, while speaking to Vo! Said: “We had to cancel the large venue and opt for a smaller one given the covid norms. All invites had been sent out. We had to call or message asking people to join the virtual link.” The couple has decided to get married the same day at the society premises in presence of their family and close ones.  

Dhruvil and Shailee

For Riddhi Vyas and Aditya Sharma, the big day on January 24 remains unchanged. The venue, about 40 kms from Ahmedabad, remains in limbo because of revised guidelines each time the tally rises. “We are not sure if we should cancel all arrangements. For now, the 150 invitees remain and will be handed a mask and sanitiser at entry point. We are hoping to get this underway at the same venue,” shared the bride. 

Riddhi and Aditya

Likewise, Nidhi Chokshi and Akshat Parikh, who have been man and wife since March 7 last year. “We planned a huge big social reception on January 20 because a whole lot of people could not attend. Seems, this time too, it will be a close gathering,” they sighed.  

Akshat and Nidhi

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