No, You Can’t Carry Food Or Booze Inside A Multiplex

| Updated: May 18, 2022 9:32 pm

Next time you take your food and drinks to multiplexes, think again. The Gujarat Multiplex Association has knocked on the doors of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to register their protest against moviegoers to stop this practice. The office-bearers of the Association on Wednesday called on the Chief Minister to represent this issue. 

In 2019, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) had clarified that given a stay granted by the Supreme Court, multiplexes were allowed to regulate the entry of food and beverages inside their premises. Before this, movie-goers were allowed to bring their food and drinks inside the cinema halls. 

Talking to Vibes of India, President of Gujarat Multiplex Association (GMA) Manubhai Patel, who led the delegation, said “Many people still bring their food and drinks inside the cinema hall. They do not just litter the place but there are also instances where they bring liquor mixed with water and soft drinks in their bottles and consume it during the show. This is unacceptable. When we request people to keep their food and beverages outside, they take offence.”

Multiplexes get most of their revenues from three sources — box office collections, food and beverages, and advertisements, of which F & B are a big contributor and GMA wants to revive it. 

Another issue that the association presented to the Chief Minister was about putting a ceiling on the prices of food sold inside the multiplexes. “If airports can sell goods at their desired prices, then why can’t we? Also, when it comes to packaged food or drinks we don’t charge beyond MRP but we should have the freedom to sell items at our desired prices,” adds Patel. 

“In the past two years of Covid-19, all multiplexes have suffered a lot and we are again finding our way back to business. We are presenting a list of concerns to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel hoping that we will be heard. This will be a big benefit to our community if the Gujarat government addresses our concerns and tells moviegoers to stop bringing their food and drinks inside multiplexes.” 

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