Nothing Like Rangaralia In The Video, Insists Bharatsinh Solanki

| Updated: June 3, 2022 1:24 pm

Following the scandal caused by a video that went viral, Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki today addressed the reporters, refuting all claims made by his wife Reshma Patel. He has insisted that the video showed nothing that is improper or illegal. “There was nothing like Rangaralia in the video,” he said

The leader, known for his astute political sense, smart and scientific strategy making, and understanding the public pulse, said that it was unlawful of his wife to have barged in and taken the video, and also making it public. He also claimed that he would be taking legal action against her for violating the constitution.

During the press conference, Solanki said that he has been forced to talk about his private life in public and he was sorry for this. He stressed that the dispute between him and his wife was nothing new and that the two were in the process of finalising divorce. He also revealed that the divorce hearing was scheduled for June 15.

Furthermore, Solanki said that he has not met or talked with his wife at all or interfered in her life. “I have nothing to do with her life at all,” he said. This was the reason why he had made a deal for bungalow, servants, money and land. Solanki said that he had been forced to stay in the old bungalow. However, later on Reshma backtracked on her word.

Solanki also took a jibe at other parties, saying that this entire incident was a scheme to end his political legacy. “All this is happening to end the my and my family’s 30-year-old political legacy,” he said.

The entire case happened when a couple of days back, Reshma barged her way into the Solanki’s bungalow and, found her 69-year-old husband with his latest love interest, who is a 24-year-old girl. His wife had brought along her gang of supporters. She started bashing up her husband while the supporters shot the episode. A similar thing had happened in 2017 before the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Talking about the charges filed against him by his wife, Solanki said that the claims had no truth in them. Resham has filed him under charges of domestic violence, laundering her money and transferring it into this girl’s accounts, and refusing her entry into her marital home.

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