Gujarat: Oxygen Requirement Assessment Revised From 25 To 35 MT Per Day

| Updated: January 9, 2022 10:00 am

As the cases of Covid infection are on the rise in India and Gujarat, the government is bracing itself to avoid any crisis. Learning from the second wave when unavailability of oxygen was a major issue, steps are being taken so that it is not repeated. The requirement of oxygen in the state of Gujarat which was assessed at 20-25 MT per day is revised to 22-35 MT per day, the Gujarat state Covid co-ordination committee is informed.

The state, however has in place enough PSA oxygen plants capable of producing 200 metric tonnes of oxygen per day. It should take care of any unforeseen surge in the requirement of oxygen all of a sudden.

Hospitalisation rate for the moment is quite low in the state. Most of the patients are being treated at home. Death ratio is also negligible for the moment. In the present circumstances, the state government is ready to tackle the situation, a senior official in the state Covid-co-ordination committee meeting said.

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