Pakistani Infiltrator Gunned Down By BSF In Rajasthan

| Updated: December 6, 2022 3:44 pm

A man who was trespassing over to the Indian territory from the Pakistan side was gunned down by the Jawans of the Border Security Force (BSF) stationed at the international border in Rajasthan connecting Karanpur of Sri Ganganagar on Monday night.

A BSF official corroborated that the incident took place at 14 S village, near the Harmukh check post in Sriganganagar. Pakistani army personnel have declined to accept the body of the unidentified intruder who attempted to surpass the Indian territory.

“Alert BSF troops neutralised an intruder coming from Pakistan at the international border near Harmukh check post on Monday. The intruder crossed over to the Indian side and started moving towards the fence. The body was recovered during the search operation,” a BSF officer said.

The BSF troops on their patrol routine warned the intruder not to take any step further but he ignored the constant warnings and continued his movements. The troops later fired at him and shot down and defended this intrusion. “We have informed Pakistan rangers about the incident but they are verifying the identity of the intruder. If they refuse to accept the body then it will be cremated as per protocol. We are waiting for official confirmation or denial from the Pakistan side,” the officer said.

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