Past Active, Present Tense and Future Uncertain

| Updated: June 1, 2022 2:10 pm

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This BJP leader and erstwhile minister is living it up. Even though he lost the last elections, he makes sure of showing up every now and then at his old constituency… a wee bit more often than usual. “Bhai comes even more than the corporator,” share old timers of the area. Just in case of a ribbon-cutting into a new showroom or a health camp that needs a VIP presence to ensure photo journalists show up, his name is working wonders as the crowd puller. We just hope all his efforts turn into votes six months away!

***MLA Solanki Shows The Way!

Gandhian MLA Karshan Solanki is an exemplary MLA. Not only does he avail of public transport and is often seen at the Secretariat carrying his own files, he has also shunned babudom traits like making people wait long hours for two minutes of a meeting. Guess, it begins by valuing one’s own time to value other people’s time too. He is also known to make an appearance when need be or at any presentation that needs to be endorsed by an MLA and not junior level office bearers.

Wish we had more like him!!

Meethi Churi? 

Scream, rant rave and roar. Now that describes not only the ruling and Opposition parties in any Assembly in India, but is also true of some… tele media anchors. Let’s not digress though.

The point here being that the Congress, ever since the Udaipur chintin shivir, has adopted a noticeably soft approach in the Assembly. High voltage and loud drama to oppose a motion have been replaced by a studied voice and reasonable questions. As one regular at the Assembly shared…. “this is becoming difficult. It is not easy to handle justified queries.” Meanwhile, at a recent convention, the state AICC in-charge did talk about a “chill-pill and an emotional approach.”

Meethi churi se karo vaar

Ek baar. Phir baar baar!!


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

On the Congress note, it has come to attention that this neta is mentoring his subordinates as a “family head.” What does that mean? Well, read on.

One may question if he really means well or is just being careful about dissent spreading out, but party workers have been encouraged to “weep it out, protest, scream and even cry in anguish behind closed doors, post the meeting.” Apparently, he believes in being “serious and cool at the same time.” He is also reported to have suggested a “45-minute discussion followed by a 15-minute casual talk” to break the stress cycle.

Why are we getting stressed about a professional work culture?

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