Petitioner Seeks Use Of Gujarati In HC

| Updated: January 29, 2023 3:33 pm

The petitioner seeking Gujarat high court directions to the state government and Centre to permit the use of Gujarati in addition to English in high court proceedings complained to the HC that though the state government is vociferous in public about its support for the local language, it does not support the case and did not part with the requisite information.

The HC had asked the petitioner, Rohit Patel, to supply certain information and documents he was relying on to build the case for Gujarati as an additional language for use in HC proceedings. The information was to be obtained from the governor’s office, the state government and the Supreme Court.

The PIL seeks HC directions to the state and Centre to implement the Gujarat governor’s decision of 2012, authorizing the use of Gujarati in addition to English in HC hearings.

It is argued that the governor’s decision was on the advice of the council of ministers, who had expressed the decision taken by the state assembly.

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