PM Modi To Hoist Pavagadh Temple Flag On June 18

| Updated: June 13, 2022 11:21 pm

Come June 18 and PM Modi will pay a visit to Mahakali Mandir at Pavagadh. The re-furbished temple now dons a new look at an outlay of Rs 121 crore.

The Prime Minister will also hoist the symbolic flag atop the renovated shikhar. Briefing on the same, Ashok Pandya, Trustee, Pavagadh Mandir Trust stated: “The renovation is now complete. New idols have been brought in. The shikhar was broken centuries ago and hence, the dhwaja could not be placed. We are blessed that the ceremony will be formalised by NarendraBhai Modi.”

The dhwajarohan will take place on June 18 morning.  The old mandir campus wore a dilapidated look and the entire premises has been overhauled. A campus with a seating capacity has been developed on the approach corridor. Steps leading up the hill to the temple have been widened. The kalash, dhawaja dand and garbhagriha have all been plated with gold.

The highlight remains the gold plating of the kalash on the main shikhar. “Nearly 1.40 kg of gold has been used for plating the other seven two-feet each shikhars. We have also floated a tender towards a 210-feet lift for devotees who cannot climb the steps. The planned lift will accommodate 12 persons and will reach from ground zero to the temple level in 40 seconds,” he added.

Also in the pipeline are a dormitory an annakshetra. The sprawling hospitality zone will span 32,000 sq ft and is expected to cost Rs 12 crores. “The annakeshtra should be able to hold a meal for 400 devotees at one sitting. The dorm will make possible overnight stay for yatris who for some reason cannot take the journey back the same day,” stated Pandya, adding that mobile towers are also being installed to make possible connectivity atop the hill.

Pavagadh Temple sits atop a hill

Kalika Mata Temple which literally refers to ‘the great black mother’ is a prominent Hindu place of worship located in the foothills of Pavagadh, Pancmahal district. This shrine is home to three different forms of goddesses namely Kalika Mata, Kali and Bahuchara Mata. Kalika Mata Temple houses one of the famous and sacred Shakti Peethas. It is the also the primary venue for hosting the annual fair which is held on Chitra Sud.

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