PM Modi To Inaugurate First Stretch Of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway In Rajasthan Today

| Updated: February 12, 2023 11:32 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will open the Sohna-Dausa stretch of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway today in Dausa, Rajasthan. People travelling from Delhi to Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan) will profit from the 246-kilometre stretch because they will now have a more direct route that will cut their journey time from five hours to roughly three and a half hours. Additionally, the entire region’s economic prospects are anticipated to improve.

The PM will speak to a crowd at the village of Dausa’s Dhanawar in eastern Rajasthan, which is known as the “Gujjar-Meena belt” and is home to two fiercely competitive groups that rule the area and make up a significant voting bloc. Their votes significantly favoured the Congress in the most recent election, which helped it defeat the BJP.

Today, the PM is anticipated to win over both groups’ voters. Right before a busy election year, the public will be able to use the first section of India’s longest expressway.

The magnificent road is expected to cut the distance between the nation’s capital and Mumbai, its financial centre, in half, to just 12 hours. It is being constructed at an astounding cost of over one lakh crore rupees, with eight lanes wide, and is around 1,400 kilometres long.

The massive project is envisioned as an engineering marvel and intends to connect five important Indian states, from Gujarat to Maharashtra. Every two kilometres, there are SOS stations where people can call for help in the case of an accident or other emergency. The mammoth expressway will be connected to Rajasthan’s Alwar and Dausa as well as Haryana’s Gurugram, Sohna, Nooh, and Mewat with the opening of the Sohna-Dausa route.

There are eight entry and departure points along the Delhi-Dausa stretch. The roadway can reduce annual CO2 emissions by 800 million kilos and roughly 300 million litres of fuel with a top speed for all cars of 120 kmph.

Automatic toll booths are located across the entire expressway, and the toll tax is only deducted once; it is computed from the time a vehicle enters the highway until it leaves. The toll fee for the 220 miles between Delhi and Jaipur is 70 rupees or 35 paise per kilometre. 

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