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POSH, POSCO Seminar Held In Ahmedabad By DGP Gujarat Anil Pratham


In a bid to generate awareness and arrive upon a concerted plan of action to stop sexual abuse, Ahmedabad Management Association conducted a seminar on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)” and Prevention of Children from Sexual Offenses (POSCO).” The meet, held in Ahmedabad on Saturday, was chaired by DGP, Gujarat, Anil Pratham.

The gathering registered participation from corporate sector and also from the student community. Certified POSH trainer Pooja Badlani convened the meet.

In his address note, the DGP shared statistics regarding sexual harassment at workplace. The grim figures shared revealed 52% women having claimed sexual harassment by men at workplace. Only one out of five women report the case, 80% of women think that the outcome was poor and 18% reported that the situation worsened after they drew attention to the case. The study was undertaken by Trade Union Congress.

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DGP Pratham also outlined the history of the law relating to sexual harassment at workplace. His note harped on the need for cases to speak up and should redressal not be granted, he suggested reporting the case to the police.

Ms Badlani a certified POSH trainer, detailed the impact of sexual harassment and how it fosters negative stress. She also went over the steps of filing a complaint of sexual harassment at workplace. The interactive seminar saw a robust Q&A session with the audience.  

Check the video below: