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Pre-Holi And Post-Holi Skincare And Haircare Tips From A Dermatologist

| Updated: March 17, 2022 11:38

Dr Bansari Davda

It is time for the festival of colours again. Let’s celebrate the victory of good over evil, light over dark with lots of laughter, family, friends, colours and sweets, and a little bit of Skincare and Haircare tips

Holi colours ,though vibrant and fun, tend to dry out our Skin and Hair causing barrier damage, rashes, irritation, dryness, flare up of eczema/psoriasis, hair breakage and hairfall.

Follow these Skincare and Haircare tips for maximum protection and to avoid colour seepage into skin, hair and nails. 

·Pre-Holi tips

  • -Don’t undergo any in-clinic skin treatments like chemical peels, resurfacing lasers, microneedling in a week before Holi.
  • -Stop the use of active active ingrediants (if used) like AHA’s, BHA’s, or Retinoids 2-3 days before Holi.
  • -On Holi-day, slather your face and body with generous amounts of Moisturiser/body oil and Sunscreen (according to skin type).
  • -Oil you hair atleast 30 mins before playing Holi and tie it in a ponytail/braid/bun.
  • -Protect the hair with a bandana/scarf/dupatta (make it a fashion statement).
  • -Coat your nail cuticles and ears/back of ears with Vaseline jelly. Helps take off colours easily.
  • -Use dark nail polish to prevent nail-colouring.
  • Boys can use transparent nail colour.
  • -Wear cotton clothes with full body coverage.
  • -Use only natural, organic colours to play holi.

Avoid synthetic colours which cause irritation and damages skin and hair.

Post-Holi tips:

  • -Don’t try to over exfoliate/scrub the colours away at one go. Give it a few washes time.
  • -Use an oil based cleanser for washing face or double cleanse with a non-comedogenic face oil/micellar water followed by a gentle cleanser.
  • -Use a hydrating body wash for rest of the body.
  • -Shampoo hair thoroughly, twice if needed.
  • -Follow it up with a deep conditioning hair mask and hair serum.
  • -Slather face and body with generous amount of moisturiser post-bath for for barrier repair.
  • -Use a lip balm.
  • -Hydrate throughout the day.
  • -Start your actives(if using) like AHA’s, BHA’s, Retinoids 3-5 days after Holi, when the skin barrier feels ready.

Love, light and laughter to all.

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Holi.

Dr. Bansari Davda-Dermatologist and Cosmetologist
International fellowship in Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine.

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  1. Pravin Suri

    Thanks Beta !!! So simple, so logical and easy to implement. While I missed it this time around, next year this would be part of my Holi preparation

  2. Vibha Vasant Thobhani

    Really, Excellent informations and tips given in this article though I was not knowing all this things in deeply. I must appreciates your knowledge related to the subject and way of understanding power.
    Wish you all the best.

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