Priyanka Gandhi With Family Joins Bharat Jodo Yatra In Rajasthan

| Updated: December 12, 2022 6:51 pm

On Monday, which is recognised as International Women’s Day, Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi, her husband Robert Vadra, their daughter, and hundreds of other women joined Rahul Gandhi as the Bharat Jodo Yatra recommenced from the nearby Bundi area in Rajasthan.

The march is being referred to as a daylong Nari Shakti Pad Yatra on Monday and it started at around 6 am from the Tejaji Maharaj Mandi at Babai in the Bundi district. In addition to party employees and women from the neighbourhood, many female participants joined Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi and other yatris as they marched from Babai to Pipalwada in the Swaimadhopur district, where they will pause for a break.

“The BJY on its 96th day began with the daylong Nari Shakti Pad Yatra at around 6 am from Tejaji Maharaj Temple at Babai Village after prayers, singing of the national anthem, national song, and flag-hoisting,” said Rahul Rao, a padyati who has been walking with the yatra since it started on September 7.

He added that several women had gathered by the side of the road to welcome the yatris and join the march. In Rajasthan, the yatra is currently on its seventh day. Its final day in the Bundi district is today. The yatra entered Tonk district at roughly 7.15 am after walking for around 6 km from the Tejaji temple, and it would march for about 5 km through Tonk before approaching Swaimadhopur through Pipalwada.

The yatra resumed this morning with over 5,000 women leading the route, and many more joined along the road, according to Ajay Sharma, the president of the Congress’ Indergarh (Bundi) block, who is also marching. The yatra will cross 3,570 kilometres in 150 days and arrive in Jammu & Kashmir at the beginning of February 2023.

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