QR Code To Get A Makeover

| Updated: January 29, 2023 1:46 pm

The quick response codes (QR) that are widely used in payment systems, logistics and commercial tracking will have many more horizons opening up as its new design comes up.

According to the Japanese engineer, Masahiro Hara, who invented the QR code system in 1994, the new generation of the code system, which will be unveiled after three years, will be useful in disaster management applications.

According to him, a new design is inevitable because of growing data storage and security requirements.

The new design for QR Code which will be in colour. The new rMQR code has been improved into a rectangular shape so new information can be used more effectively. The idea is to enable QR code to be more secure so that the data it stores is not tampered with. Secondly, it needs to store more information in different layers. A large volume of information can be printed on a narrow, elongated space.

Beside existing applications, the new QR code can also be used for highly secure applications such as banking and financial services systems, disaster management, more active tracking and mapping applications along with defence and security applications. QR code is widely used, by about 78.6 percent of the population of six major economies: Japan, China, the UK, the US, Germany and France.

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