Rajasthan Govt Ties Up With Rays Power Infra To Build Solar Park

| Updated: January 30, 2023 3:28 pm

Rays Power Infra has signed an agreement with the Rajasthan government to construct a 1,800 MW solar park. The entire project is estimated to be worth Rs 9,140 crore.

The company said in a statement that “In accordance with India’s far-reaching goal of converting existing fossil-fuel energy generation into renewable energy output, the Solar Park will generate 1,800 MW of renewable power, divided among three 300 MW projects and one 900 MW project,” 

In the presence of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to construct an avant-garde PV photovoltaic power station this Memorandum of Understanding was signed. 

“We are overjoyed that the Rajasthan government has opted to support our vision and has signed a deal to create an 1800 MW solar park in the presence of the state’s chief minister, Ashok Gehlot. “This MoU is an important step toward a more environmentally friendly tomorrow, and we are pleased to be a part of it,” said Pawan Sharma, Director of Rays Power Infra.

Mayank Sharma, President,  Rays Power Infra, said that “This MOU will serve as a record of our agreement on common ground and our shared understanding of a common course of action.” “This MOU will result in an environment that is welcoming to investors, a market that is always expanding, and growth opportunities that allow for healthy competition among various enterprises to advance Rajasthan’s economic stature.”

Rays Power Infra, one of the leading solar players in the country, has a commissioned 1.30 GWp portfolio. The company has begun the development and execution of solar parks and solar plants totalling 2.00 GWp, with commissioning expected within the next 24 months, contributing to the consumers’ power requirements.

It is also developing large-scale solar parks in Rajasthan for the purpose of establishing utility-scale and C&I projects. The company has a global footprint, having built large-scale solar projects in Vietnam and Bangladesh. Rays Power Infra is expanding its presence in Asia and the Middle East.

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