Rajasthan: Rajiv Gandhi Urban Olympics Competition To Start From Jan 26

| Updated: January 17, 2023 4:47 pm

The Rajiv Gandhi Urban Olympics’ ward-level sporting events will begin on January 26. Six days will pass between matches in the first phase, and on February 13 the district-level matches will begin in the second phase.

Beginning on February 25, the state-level champion teams will compete. The winners in this will also receive preference for contract employment. The athletes competing in the state finals will get tracksuits and t-shirts.

Hockey and shooting volleyball are no longer included in the Urban Olympics. Athletics, basketball, and football are a part of state sports. There were six sports at the Rural Olympics, including hockey.

The government has set aside a budget of Rs 30,000  per ward so that more than one team to be formed. Rs 9,000 from the budget have been set aside for the competition. Sports equipment will cost Rs 6,000, and additional facilities will cost 15,000 rupees.

At the district level, a budget of Rs 7.50 lakh has been decided. Of these, Rs 40,000 will go toward events, Rs 10,000 will be spent on sporting equipment, Rs 5 lakh on food and lodging, and Rs 2 lakh will be spent on other facilities. The number of players in each ward allows for the formation of more than one team.

The Sports Department has created a website where players can register. The requirement for Jan Aadhaar has been added to registration. The registration deadline, nevertheless, has not yet been set.

Players that are interested can sign up for 7 sports. The Urban Olympics website, rajolympic.rajasthan.gov.in, is where registration must be completed, according to the District Sports Officer.

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