Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Describes Gujarat As The Epicentre Of Religious, Social, Spiritual, And Economic Consciousness

| Updated: May 22, 2022 10:29 am

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh described Gujarat as the epicentre of religious, social, spiritual and economic consciousness.

Participating in the Abhyudaya Youth Camp on the third day of the ongoing seven-day Satsang Gyan Yagya at Karelibaug Swaminarayan Temple in Vadodara, the Defence Minister said, “ Coming here brings a lot of unique kind of positive energy. The land here is sacred. In this land, rare luminaries like Narasinh Mehta, Dadu Dayal and Sahajanand Swami paved the way of devotion and did a virtuous job of guiding many people to the path of righteousness.’’

The Defence Minister said that Indian culture represents unity in diversity and it is as old as new.  “Our culture does the work of respecting other opinions. Indian culture has also preserved many religions, sects and opinions and this is the true sign of Indianness. This culture has done the work of maintaining the welfare of humanity.  This culture has shown new hope to the world through philosophy and knowledge.’’

Rajnath Singh also added that Lord Swaminarayan has paved the way for the spiritual upliftment of the poor, Dalits, victims and women. Two and a half hundred years ago, he called for the removal of the evils that were going on in the society.  Giving a great scripture like Shikshapatri has immortalized the teaching of humanity, virtues and spirituality.  Nowadays, the relevance of Shikshapatri has increased.

Gyanjivandasji while giving blessings said that when the borders of the country are protected, we can all live in peace.  Defending the country, our jawans are the jewel of country.  If we all do our duty well, it will also be considered as national service.

On this occasion, a certificate of place in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest 2440-hour long story of Shri Haricharitramrut Sagar by Shri Gyanjivandasji was unveiled.

The Minister of Defence bowed down in front of the statue of Shri Ghanshyam Maharaj in Swaminarayan temple. After that he also saw the great work of the Vachanamruta.

Revenue and Law Minister Rajendra Trivedi paid homage to Guruji. State leader Bhargava Bhatt, Minister of State Manisha Vakil, Mayor Keyur Rokadia, MLA Yogeshbhai Patel, Jitubhai Sukhadia, Dr. Vijay Shah, dignitaries including Vadtal Temple Trust Chairman Swami Dev Prakash Dasji and thousands of devotees were present.

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