Rakhi To Mock Tejasswi In Upcoming Task Of Bigg Boss 15

| Updated: January 7, 2022 3:50 pm

The latest promo of Big Boss 15 shows Rakhi calling Shamita as ‘Shamita Kundrra’ which clearly states that the upcoming episode of Big Boss 15 is expected to be full of emotional drama. More so, because this episode is also a door to the Finale tickets.

Karan Kundrra has continued to appeal the VIP Members to be fair and make Tejaswwi the winner of the task, whereas Rakhi is the one who influences other house mates not to debate with Tejasswi.

In the promo, Tejasswi calls Shamita who was already leading a task to argue with her for being lazy. Further, she taunts her and fakes her injury when she was supposed to do household chores. Tejasswi also irks the other VIP members Umar, Rashami and others and calls them biased.

Karan Kundrra – one of the VIP members – not finding Tejasswi’s points against Shamita right jumps into the argument, leading to yet another one. To this, Rakhi says, “Kya Kundrra ne support kiya hai Shamita ko, wow aaj Shamita, ‘Shamita Kundrra hogayi.” This statement of Rakhi hurts Tejasswi and she starts sobbing.

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