Reading Culture In Ahmedabad In The Age Of Scrolling

| Updated: April 29, 2022 12:11 pm

The Gutenberg Bible was the first-ever book to be mechanically published in 1461. From the time this book was published on metal by Johannes Gutenberg in Latin, the printed word has commanded credibility and impacted the lives of people.

For millions across the world, books have been the best and permanent friends, philosophers and guides.  This is changing in the age of internet where digital players have entered the field of literature and education. Reading has changed from turning pages to scrolling on the phone or reading on Kindle.

The VOI team visited a few prominent libraries of the city to understand the reading habits of the people especially the youth. The team was curious about the reading preferences of people. It also wanted to understand what kind of books people like to keep in their collection.

MJ Library

MUJ is probably the oldest and most prominent public library in the city. Gandhi ji proposed to create a public library with books from his ashram around the beginning of the historical Dandi March. The foundation of the library was laid by Gandhi Ji and it was inaugurated by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on April 15, 1938.

The most sought- after books here today are:

Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Mukhya Mantri by Mahesh Yagnik

Gaman Yagaman by Mahesh yagnik

Maunraj by Kajal Oza

Nirmala by Premchand

Jay Ho by Jay Vasavda

Saurashtra ni Rasdhar by Jhaverchand Meghani

7 Habits of Highly Fulfilled by Covey Sean

Gujarat Vidhyapith library

From the time it was established in 1920, the Central Library has grown to become one of Gujarat’s richest repositories of books, journals and manuscripts. Gujarat Vidyapith Library has a glorious history. It is located in the main campus of Gujarat Vidyapith and has an impressive collection of more than six lakhs books, volume sets, rare books and references.

The books that are most in-demand here are:

Sanshodhan paddhatio ane pravidhio by Desai, Haribhai Gulabbhai.

Samajshastrana sanshodhan padhdhatio ane ankdashastriya vishleshan by Shah, A.G

Gujarati Sahitya (madhyakalin) by Raval, Anantray M.

Gandhijinun Shikshandarshan by Patel, Maganbhai J

Malela Jiv by Patel , Pannalal

Bharatman Shaikshanik Pranalino Vikas by Pathak, Arunbhai L.

Saurashtrano Itihas (1807-1948) by Jani, S.V.

Adivasi Samajanun Samajshastra by Shah, A.G.

Samajik Samasyao by Shah, A.G.

Samajshastra Parichay by Shah A.G

Books that some library members have borrowed and kept beyond return date are as follows.

Gujarat Sahitya: Madhyakalin by Raval, Anantray.

Urmi Kavita by Bhatt, Chandrashankar

Gujaratno Rajkiya ane Sanskrutik Itihas : Granth-1 : Itihasni Purvabhumika by Parikh, Rasiklal C.

Manvini Bhavai by Patel, Pannalal

Semantics : a coursebook by Hurford, James R.

Koshavignan by Katre, Sumitra Mangesh

Kamla by Tendulkar, Vijay

Ek jiddi Ladki by Tendulkar, Vijay

Kosh Vignan by Tiwari, Bholanath

Angarsvapna by Yagnik, Hasu.

CEPT Library 

CEPT University’s Lilavati Lalbhai Library is its most important material resource. In addition to more than 50,000 books, bound volumes of journals, theses, and student reports, the university is currently developing a three-year library strategic plan. The library has a unique collection of over 4,500 drawings relating to research carried out by students and faculty over five decades. The following books are most desired.

1. Pattern language: towns buildings construction

2. Valuation of real properties

3. Order without design: how markets shape cities  

 4. Life between buildings: using public space Tr. Jo Koch  

 5. Death and life of great American cities.  

6. Haveli: wooden houses and mansions of Gujarat.  

7. Architecture: form space and order.  

8. Elements of space making  

9. Concepts of space in traditional Indian architecture  

10. Occupying and connecting: thoughts on territories and spheres of influence with particular reference to human settlement.

Hayat Ahmad

Librarian Hayat Ahmad said, ” The students, faculty members and staff are constantly updated about new titles, through the library Instagram page.’’

Ahmad also talked about the changing patterns of information consumption due to which people have switched from books to electronic devices. ” When you go to international libraries like knowledge Village in Dubai, you will find virtual reality devices, podcast stations and many such inventions. If you say that libraries consist of only books, this is not true. Librarians are custodians of the resources of all kinds of knowledge that help and aid in teaching and learning.


 The AMA library in the AMA complex primarily serves the needs of existing AMA members, faculty, staff, and students. The library is fully computerized.

The library has a good collection of management related books. According to Anand Chauhan, library attendant, “The books that are really in demand in the library today time are mostly related to management and personality development. Readers have to return books well in time but ‘ 21 Letters on Life and its Challenges’ by British social philosopher Charles Handy and ‘ Escaping the Price-Driven Sale: How World Class Sellers Create Extraordinary Profits’ by Tom Snyder and Kevin Kearns, are two books that readers have borrowed and kept for months.

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    Dr Hayat is one of the best Library professional in India, he is using new tools and techniques with the help of technology to serve their users, he is using social media to promote library services and conduct library orientation programs on regular intervals, we need such Library professionals for inculcate reading habit is students and teachers community.
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