Renee Cosmetics Fights For Protection Of Patent

| Updated: May 15, 2022 6:13 pm

Makeup brands are involved in a fierce court battle over the use of patented technology. In December 2021, one the up and coming brand Renee Cosmetics Pvt Ltd., acquired a patent for its innovative pop and push mechanism in its FAB 5, five-in-one lipstick. However, Renee moved a commercial court at Mirzapur for protection of the patent, claiming that other brands, namely Manash Lifestyle Pvt Ltd and Viva Cosmetics Pvt Ltd., were using the technology and infringing upon its Renee.

The court, following a hearing on April 30, placed a temporary stay on the sale of products from Manash and Viva that uses the technology. The court gave the two companies until May 30 to file their side of the case. The court asked the co0mpanies to file a show-cause notice on why the temporary order should not be made permanent.

However, instead of filing the show-cause notice, Manash has now moved the Gujarat High Court against the commercial court’s order. The company has claimed that the court should not have taken stopped the sale in such a hurry, without looking into the matter. It has said that the patent infringement case was filed by Renee just a few months after obtaining a patent, so the court must have investigated the matter deeply. The company has said that Renee’s patent can still be challenged for revocation.

As such, a bench of Justice S H Vora and Justice Mauna Bhatt issued notice to Renee on Friday and posted further hearing on May 19.

Ahmedabad-based Renee Cosmetics is an Indian makeup brand that offers high quality, cruelty-free and FDA-approved innovative range of products.

Meanwhile, Manash Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. Is based in Mumbai and offers a range of lip balm, lip cosmetics, lip gloss, lipstick, lipstick container and also eye cosmetics.

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