Reserve Bank Not Favourable Towards Cooperative Banks: NCP Chief Shard Pawar

| Updated: May 15, 2022 8:26 am

Asking the Union Finance Ministry to take a note and act accordingly, Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday said that the view of the Reserve Bank of India is unfavourable toward urban cooperative banks.  

“Common people trust cooperative banks which are in their reach, unlike state-run banks. But the Reserve Bank of India doesn’t have a favourable view of cooperative banks. The union finance ministry should note this down. We have come to know about such an observation from the people in this sector,” said Sharad Pawar while addressing reporters in Nanded, Maharashtra.

He further pointed out that the farmers in regions of Beed and Jalna districts in the Marathwada region along with the western Maharashtra districts have produced excess sugarcane.  

Keeping this in view, he added, “the government has commanded sugar factories that they should not stop working until the sugarcane is fully taken up (for crushing).

The NCP chief also asked the Central government to consider the demand for the reduction in fuel prices, citing that Maharashtra as a state pays the highest tax in the country.

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