RRR Outperforms Avengers Endgame, Garners Higher Rotten Tomatoes Ratings 

| Updated: June 12, 2022 4:24 pm

Avengers Endgame, from Marvel Comics, has long been one of the cult films that has remained at the top of Rotten Tomatoes’ rating charts in the list of best films of 2022. However, this has changed as the film RRR has surpassed Avengers Endgame in Rotten Tomatoes rankings. SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster starring Ram Charan, NTR Jr, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn is one of the highest-grossing films of the year. RRR debuted in March 2022 to a packed theatre and went on to gross over Rs 1200 crore worldwide, with huge success in the United States.

The film, a period drama, was ranked 46 on Rotten Tomatoes’ Best Films of 2022 list, with a 91 per cent critics rating and a 94 per cent audience rating. The film is nearly on a level with Avengers: Endgame, which had a 94 per cent critical approval rating and a 90 per cent audience approval rating.

Set in the 1920s, RRR tells the fictional story of two great rebels and their fight against British colonialists. The film was launched on Netflix a few weeks ago and quickly became a streaming success in the United States, with sales increasing by more than 50% in its second week. After a first week dominated largely by South Asian territories, RRR landed in the top ten in 57 nations in its second week, causing tremors around the world.

RRR was made on a lavish budget of over Rs 400 crore, and it follows in the footsteps of SS Rajamouli’s earlier films, Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion, which had similar box office success in the West.

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