Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan Slams Tejasswi In Weekend Ka Vaar

| Updated: January 9, 2022 2:54 pm

Bigg Boss is back with more drama this week. After Divya and Shamita’s fight, Salman Khan gave a reality check to the contestants. In one such incident Salman Khan, the host slammed Tejasswi Prakash for accusing the makers of the show for creating false angels.

One of the episodes shows Tejasswi and Karan’s conversation where she says that the makers are trying to create a love triangle between her, Karan and Shamita and she would not allow this to happen. Salman Khan then slams her saying that she lives in a bubble and it needs to burst. He further says that she should tell the creative team and the makers the creative angels the audience would want to watch and also says that no such angels have been created in this situation.

Later Salman also said that she is playing sympathy card which hurts Tejasswi and she breaks down after the tiff with Umar Riaz and she conveys her feelings to Salman saying ‘sir it was hurtful when you said that I’m playing sympathy card because I am not, I am a strong individual and there is no one playing for me.’ to which Salman reciprocated saying that ‘If you have a complaint against someone, it should be Karan only, and you are very strong and don’t need to cry, you are alone.’

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