Six GU Colleges Seek Permission To Close Their Operations This Year

| Updated: June 12, 2022 5:44 pm

Five grant-in-aid institutions and a self-financed college associated with Gujarat University in Ahmedabad have written to the university requesting permission to close their operations this year. The institutions claimed numerous reasons, but according to sources, the real reason is the private universities, where these colleges expect larger profits.

According to sources, the institution receives requests for closure every year, but this year six colleges have done so, which is a large number. The majority of these colleges want to join private universities because they believe government funding is insufficient.

It is also believed that some college administrations are considering excursions into real estate. The majority of these college campuses are in prime city sites, and they believe it would be more profitable to build commercial malls or simply sell the land rather than run an educational institution.

Many of these universities also believe that the government is constantly tightening grant rules, making it more difficult to continue operating. One self-financed BBA college on Ashram Road has also appealed for closure, according to sources, because its teaching staff is demanding compensation at the Seventh Pay Commission’s suggested level.

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