Social Calendar: Fun Events To End Your Week With

| Updated: February 8, 2022 7:19 am

Mystery Rooms – Ahmedabad

India’s No.1 Live Escape Game, where a team of 2-8 people is locked in a mysterious space for an hour with a mission to accomplish. You must find clues, hints, and mysterious objects, solve puzzles, and challenge all your senses in order to escape in time. Mystery Rooms is a unique adventure game sure to give you an adrenaline rush like never before. So put on your thinking caps, prime your imagination, and sharpen your wits to unravel ultimate mysteries with immersive story lines.

Mystery Rooms is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a theme based room before time kicks you out! Imagine being locked in a thrill space with your team and you have exact 60 minutes to use logic, solve puzzles, find hints, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom. It’s as easy as its hard. Everything you need to escape is inside the room waiting to meet your eyes! Just analyse, interpret and conclude!

When: 09 February-28 February

Where: Mystery Rooms, Ahmedabad

Price: 600 onwards

Memories – by Mohd. Suhel

This show is a single story about a college fight. One story that includes countless other stories. Every story revolves around the fact that how strong Mohd Suhel is. This story will be performed live in Ahmedabad.

When: 12the february to 13th february

Where: Cafe Skryf

Price: 299 onwards

Smartphone Photography – Unleash the Pro Mode

Smartphone Photography – Unleash the Pro Mode, Lens, & External Applications:

This part of the course is to learn how to operate the native camera application in the smartphones. As smartphone native camera doesn’t provide you the flexibility on video making & we must need to switch to external camera applications, which are available in “Google Play Store” for Android operating system & Appstore for iPhones. 

This course is best suitable for Beginners to Professional who wants to start YouTube channel and share the best videos & achieve good traffic on based on photography skills. 

Course Contents: Professional or Manual Mode

  • Focusing the subject.
  • Exposure Settings.
  • Videography.
  • External Camera Applications : Photo & Video
  • Lens (Macro & Wide angle lens) 
  • Macro, Low Light, Light Trails, & Action Photography ( Moving Subjects) etc.

When: Tue 08 Feb 2022 – Mon 28 Feb 2022

Where: Watch on Zoom

Price: ₹ 1,200

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