Stats Show That 85% of Indian Children Have Been Cyberbullied

| Updated: August 8, 2022 2:01 pm

Statistics by McAfee Cyberbullying show that around 85% of children in India have been cyberbullied and also have cyberbullied someone else, which is a rate that is twice the international average

Cyber Bullying includes incidents of racism, trolling, personal attacks and sexual harassment, among others.The survey was conducted between June 15 to July 5, and included 11,687 parents and their children across 10 countries.

McAfee’s Chief Product Officer, Gagan Singh shared that cyberbullying in India has reached shocking heights as 1 in 3 kids face cyber racism, sexual harassment and threats of physical harm. Many of them are as young as 10 when it happens. All of this makes India the number 1 nation for reported cyberbullying in the world. 

The cyberbullying occurs on almost every social media and messaging platform

Indian children revealed that they are more likely to be cyberbullied by strangers compared to other children around the world. The rate stood at 70% in India, a whopping 25% more than the worldwide rates. 

Another shocking statistic says that 45% of the children hide their cyberbullying experiences from their parents. A reason for this could be lack of communication between the parent and child. 

According to Indian parents, 42 % of children have been at the receiving end of racist bullying, which is an astonishing 14% higher than the rest of the world at 28%.

Other extreme forms of cyberbullying besides racism, include trolling which stood at 36%, personal attacks (29%), sexual harassment which stood at 25% and name calling which has a complete 34%. 

Indian children experiencing cyberbullying was 1.5 times more than children in other countries  across the 14 surveyed platforms, which included Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Almost 3 out of 5 children admitted to have deleted a social media account to prevent being cyberbullied. Also, 87% said they discuss cyberbullying with their friends. That is about the 25% the international figure of 62%. 

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