Suga, PSY In Tease Mode Over Dance Moves

| Updated: May 28, 2022 12:36 pm

In a new video released by BTS on their YouTube channel, Suga and singer PSY were pulling each other’s leg on who has bettered the dance moves. The duo has collaborated for the a new track “That That.” Rapper PSY, better known as the “Gangnam Style” singer, is also the producer the track.

The video reels Suga’s practise of the choreography for “That That.” After teaching the rapper a few steps, the choreographers said that he “learns fast.” Suga laughed and is heard saying: “Then we can work on the details. I’m not too confident. I just memorise quickly.”

The chiselled face Suga is a pro in front of the camera and what keeps the viewer hooked is the real conversation. At one point during their practice, Suga is seen curiously asking the choreographer: “Are you a leftie? We normally start with the right hand. You started everything with the left!” This has left fans marvelling at his knack for observation.

In yet another new video, Suga and Jimin are seen engaged in a discussion about “Wings.” Recalling the days of cutting the album, Jimin adds: “I went on a hardcore diet back then.”

To which, RM chips in: “Oh yeah. Jimin starved for 10 days! Wow. True Blood Sweat & Tears.” It maybe be refreshed here that “Blood Sweat & Tears” won the K-Pop group their first Billboard Music Award. The group ended their banter with fondly recalling how fans erupted in unison soon after the award was named: “Want it more. Want it all the time. We heard it everywhere.”

Next RM spoke about their “Love Yourself” album. And guess what? He added: “It was the most difficult album but we enjoyed it.”

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