Surat-Based Businessman Torments 14-Year-Old To Death

| Updated: October 14, 2022 6:22 pm

After the human sacrifice case in Kerala, a gruesome incident has been revealed in Dhava village of Gir-Somnath district, in which a 14-year-old daughter of a Surat-based businessmen was tortured to death, allegedly by her father and uncle. They feared she was possessed by evil spirits.

Dhairya Akbari was forced to stand for two hours near a fire, thrashed with a stick and wire despite blisters all over her body, and forced to sit on a sugarcane farm with her hair knotted with a stick connected to a stone so she couldn’t move. Both food and water were withheld from her. From October 1 to October 3, she was tortured for three days till she died.

On October 8 at around 3 am, the girl’s father, Bhavesh and uncle Dilip secretly cremated her decomposing body at a local cremation, according to authorities. They put it in a plastic bag and a blanket and placed it in the trunk of a car.

Bhavesh told only five individuals close to the family about the cremation and that she died of an infectious disease. The five have now become witnesses.

After searing her near the fire, Akbari and Dilip performed the rites to ‘liberate’ her of the evil spirits and burnt her old garments. Police have not yet found the tantric (witch doctor) who allegedly ordered the brutality which took place.

After learning about a strange death and cremation on Wednesday night, Talala police opened an inquiry. When the girl’s maternal grandfather Valji Dobariya filed a complaint, they detained the two brothers.

Investigations also showed that Dhariya’s mother was severely tortured. She was in Surat when the girl was killed and later cremated.

Akbari thought that by tormenting her, they could heal her and drive the spirit out. Police began gathering information and recording witness accounts as soon as they learned about the death and cremation. The family members, however, were unwilling to complain. The girl’s maternal grandpa, Valji Dobariya, is a well-known local figure, and the police told him about the incident. He had a breakdown and filed a complaint.

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