Surat: Students at a Public School Brings Bird Feed and Soap for Handwash on Birthday

| Updated: June 20, 2022 5:52 pm

On their birthdays, students at Dr. C.M. Desai Primary School, which is run by the Surat City Primary Education Committee, are supposed to bring soap and bird feed.

Dr, CM Desai Primary School in Bhatar, Surat has launched a new initiative to commemorate students’ birthdays. Instead, of chocolates or cakes, the female students at the school bring soaps and bird feed. Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, the school established a soap bank, which accepts donations of soaps.

The school has prepared a special crown and scarf for the birthday girls to wear while taking pictures. On their birthday, the birthday girls are expected to bring soap for the soap bank as well as the birdseed. The girls bring at least one soap on their birthdays.

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