This Couple Believes Renewing Vows Recharges Their Marriage

| Updated: February 14, 2022 8:59 pm

For Ahmedabad-based couple, Ranna and Nayan Parikh, renewing their wedding vows is an important reaffirmation of their love for each other. On their 25th anniversary in 2012, they renewed their vows and are planning to do the same on their 35th anniversary at the end of this year. Ranna is an architect and interior designer while Nayan is a management consultant. While Nayan is the more romantic partner now, it is Ranna who makes up first if they have a tiff.  In this heartwarming interview, they share their love story…

Ranna and Nayan
  1. Tell us about renewing your vows on special anniversaries? 

Ranna: We had a special celebration for our silver anniversary in Udaipur. We renewed our vows in a culturally diverse manner as we believe love is universal. The event went off well and we created a treasure trove of beautiful memories. We are planning something different for our 35th anniversary as well, which falls in December 2022. 

Nayan: I love Ranna unconditionally and abundantly. She is the best person I could have in my life as a partner and soulmate. And, renewing our wedding vows is a way of demonstrating that feeling. 

  1. What is the significance of V Day, according to you? How have you celebrated V Day over the years?

Nayan: In the daily humdrum, we sometimes forget the most important thing in our lives – love, and the way we connect with our dear ones. Valentine’s Day puts love on the pedestal where it should rightly be. This day reminds us to value love through the year. 

Ranna: V-Day celebrates love – any kind of love. What could be more important than that? When it is February 14, we go a little futher to express our love. We may celebrate with just a candlelight dinner in our garden. Or, we could dedicate an evening to music. I don’t need to dress up in pink and go to a restaurant or a dance party.  

  1. Each of us has a different way of giving and receiving love. What works for each of you? 

Nayan: I feel loved when I spend time with someone in the purest sense. We are not with books or gadgets and we have profound conversations so that I can understand my partner better.  Touch is also a powerful way to demonstrate love. Just holding hands or running my fingers through her hair is something I like doing.  

Ranna: I think communication and understanding each other’s needs and trying to fulfil them is love. It’s crazy how much time we spend together. For one, we share an office and home. 

  1. How did you meet? Was yours a love marriage?

Ranna: Believe it or not, we met through the Times of India matrimonials. I had finished my course in architecture and was working in Delhi. I was not ready for marriage. Nayan was working in Ahmedabad. But once I met him a few times I realised that he had a great sense of humour. He made me laugh and I knew life would work if we could laugh together. So, I would say, ours was a love-cum-arranged marriage.   

  1. What are the things you like most about each other? What do you wish was different? 

Nayan: I love her for being bubbly and enthusiastic which generates a lot of positive energy. I also love the way she laughs. I wish she was not so hooked to her phone and could keep away from technology for a while.   

Ranna: I am a hyper, restless person. He calms me down and keeps me grounded. I also love him for being a great dad. As for what I wish would change, it is his strict adherence to his routine. For instance, we never go out for a late night coffee as Nayan is a very early sleeper. 

6. As a couple, what are two common interests and two separate ones?

Nayan: Travel is a common passion. My morning walk, when I introspect and commune with the Higher Power, and yoga practice, are activities I do on my own.  

Ranna: Garba is a common activity we enjoy. Nayan never used to dance but now he brings home the prizes! Currently, we are learning waltz together with a tutor. My morning cup of tea is what I enjoy on my own. It’s an elixir of life for me. 

7. As busy professionals, how have you managed to keep romance alive in your relationship over the years?   

Nayan: My work has never taken precedence over family life. Time management helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance.  

Ranna: I think we are forever reinventing ourselves. That’s what works for us. Also, we don’t revisit our bad times. Another thing, at times we think of each other as girlfriend and boyfriend, instead of spouses. That keeps us from taking each other for granted!

By: Aruna Raghuram

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