Three Caught For Honey-Trapping a Businessman

| Updated: August 6, 2022 1:41 pm

A 30-year-old resident of Ambawadi, Rajendra Jain, was honey-trapped by a woman Kavita Naik , (30) and was forced to give out Rs 2.7 lakh.
The businessman accused Kavita and her two friends Ramesh Suthar (28) and Bhavesh Dabhi (25) of extortion. The accused woman is a resident of Hometown-4, IOC Road,, Chandkheda. ] The complainant and the accused came in contact through the app Quack Quack and chatted regularly there. One day Kavita invited Jain home, and they both had coffee there.,On July 28, she told Jain that she wishes to talk to him, and as her husband was going to be in Surat, they could meet for the same.

They met at Naik’s home on July 29, at around 12.20 PM and she soon took him to the bedroom. She unclothed him and lured him into being intimate. Then, two men entered the house and began to harass Jain. One of the men called himself a lawyer and threatened Jain with a rape case. They took away his mobile phone and asked for Rs 5 lakh from him. He was permitted to leave only after he had given the amount of Rs 2.7 lakh. The lawyer then called again asking for more money. At this, Jain filed a complaint with Chandkheda police.Chandkheda PI V S Vanzara said all three accused have been arrested. Sources tell us that the woman had separated from her husband and been living in Suthar’s house. The two men are her friends from Rajasthan.

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