Tips For Taking Care Of Your Furry Friends This Monsoon

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Furry Friends This Monsoon

| Updated: July 20, 2022 19:02

Monsoon, a season that brings rejoice to humans after hefty scorching summers, is equally hectic and non-merry for our pets. Pets become prone to tons of diseases during the rainy season, due to which they have several obligations and precautions. The lack of outdoor activities, irregular grooming, fleas and ticks, and fungal infections are life problems for our furry friends. 

As pet owners, we understand the plight of changing your best friend’s routine because of the harsh weather. Thus, Team VOI tapped in with a few veterinary doctors from Ahmedabad. We assembled some tips that might make things easier for you as a dog parent.

Here are the prevention methods that the Vets suggested:

Fur & Paw Care

Dr Mugdha Rakshit, Veterinary Surgeon at Happy Pets Veterinary Clinic, says, “For extra furry dogs, we advise the dog parents not to chop off the coat. It helps them survive the extreme weather changes. However, for breeds like a golden retriever, we advise a puppy cut, where they cut only a layer of fur.”

Dr Mugdha Rakshit, Veterinary Surgeon, Proprietor at Happy Pets Veterinary Clinic, Ahmedabad.

Her personal recommendation for ticks and fleas was to avoid the OTC treatment as a single drop of water would waste the entire product. Instead, she suggests Bravetco, a chew for dogs that kills fleas and prevents infections) as a better option.

Dr Piyush Patel, a senior program manager at Humane Society International India, “It is necessary to keep our pets away from bad water and insects. Also, we need to keep their fur properly dry and clean and use antiseptic spray and clean towels.”

Dr Piyush Patel, Senior Program Manager, Humane Society International, India.


According to Dr Rakhsit, Dahi and buttermilk are significant elements in a dog’s diet for monsoons. They have healthy bacteria that help maintain immunity. 

Dr Chaitanya Solanki, Veterinary Physician & Surgeon, said, “Vomiting and diarrhoea are symptoms of diseases like a viral or bacterial infection. If we take care of their food consumption, we can help them recover faster.”

Dr Chaitanya Solanki, Veterinary Physician & Surgeon

“Proper pet cares starts with meals. Pet owners should give them quality branded food that contains high-fibre. It helps to keep the gut clean during monsoons,” said Dr Piyush Patel. 

Outdoor Activity

According to Dr Dhaval, We can play fetch with them and train them with treats as animals get easily bored when locked inside. 

Furthermore, Dr Piyush Patel mentioned that monsoon time is fun with your pets. We can make use of it and play with our pets. We can add toys that provide mental stimulation, especially for younger dogs. Pet owners can also treat monsoon as a time to treat their dogs. 

He added, “Pets are scared of heavy rains and thunderstorms. Pet parents are responsible for comforting pets with hugs and ensuring they have a cosy place to relax. If these measures do not help in wearing off their anxiety, you can consult the vet for medications.”


“It is crucial to train your potty train your dogs from puppyhood. This helps in avoiding the outdoors during heavy rains. Even though vets vaccinate the dogs with Leptospira, we never know what the sewage water contains. It may lead to jaundice or illness,” said Dr Mugdha.

“However, if they do step out in minimal rain or mud, we advice dog parents to wipe them with antiseptic water,” she added. 

Dr Solanki mentioned, “Fungi and bacteria are prominent in monsoons, especially in long coated animals. They can enter in their bodies via paws and cause an infection called Podo-dermatitis.”

Furthermore, he added, “Hair knots formed in animals due to humidity are called moist dermatitis. If not taken care of at the initial stage, the infection can stay stagnant for a long time. Hence, early diagonis is a must.”

Dr Dhaval V Patel, a Veterinary Physician and Surgeon at Star Pet Clinic, advised drying the pets with soft towels post walk. Using rough clothes might lead to fungal infection. He added, “Due to the size of their ears, they are more prone to diseases. Thus, it is necessary to clean their ears and keep a check on them.”

Dr Dhaval V Patel, Veterinary physician and surgeon, STAR PET CLINIC, Vastral, Ahmedabad

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