Mercy For Animals India Foundation Offers Tips To Protect Animals From Sweltering Heat

| Updated: May 14, 2022 2:32 pm

April was has been recorded as the hottest month in 122 years, with temperatures in some regions going way beyond 43 degrees centigrade. It has been noticed that despite all precautions, people are suffering from heat-related ailments. If the scenario is so bad for humans, what about our furry friends? Pets might have a comfortable home, but in India there are many strays that are in danger of suffering from dehydration and heat-strokes.

As extreme temperatures are continuing to break records in India, animals and birds are experiencing fever, dehydration and heat strokes. Indian branch of Mercy For Animals, an international nonprofit animal protection organization, offers lifesaving tips for community as well as companion animals. As community animals are less likely to receive help, Mercy For Animals India Foundation reveals few ways in which you can help them:

  • Provide water: Keep mud pots to provide water for community animals outside your home or in your neighbourhood. Please make sure that you change the water regularly.
  • Provide shade: Create a temporary shade and guide community animals towards shade to keep them protected from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Provide help to suffering animals: You must call a local animal protection group when you see an animal in need.
  • Keep water bowls for birds: Keep mud pots in your balconies, terrace and window slabs. Please make sure that you change the water regularly.
  • Check under your car before driving off – Animals such as cats and dogs tend to sleep under cars to remain cool in the summer heat. So when you start your car, do check that there’s no stray animal sleeping under it.
  • Avoid peak heat hours: Keep animal companions such as dogs and cats indoors and only bring them outdoors when temperatures are low, preferably early morning or late evenings. For walks, choose grassy patches or mud paths as pavements and concrete roads heat up fast and can cause blisters on paws. Get your dogs to dip their paws in water after a walk outdoors.

“Animals, especially community animals suffer during India’s long and extremely hot summers”, says Nikunj Sharma, CEO of Mercy For Animals India Foundation. “You can help animals brave the heat by following our advisory and doing a little extra to help them.” adds Sharma.

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