Titu Ambani’s Team Arrives For Promotion In Ahmedabad

| Updated: June 24, 2022 7:28 pm

Deepika Singh, Tushar Pandey, director Rohit Raj Goyal, and producer Dinesh Kumar started their press tour with Ahmedabad on June 24. They arrived in the city to promote their movie ‘Titu Ambani.’

According to the actors, the work is a fragment of issues middle-class people face in their lives, which will resonate with the audience. The trailer, released on June 14, shows a glimpse of the story.

Deepika Singh, when asked about the difference between playing a role on TV and acting in a movie, said she did not find much difference between the two. “Nervousness pertains no matter whether you work in a TV series or a movie,” she added.

According to the lead actress, working with a focused crew and a caste full of great performers helps portray the character better. A good script with an excellent character matters the most to Deepika. Right now, the actress is not ready for TV commitment, leading to 30 days shooting schedule with her current lifestyle.

Tushar Pandey, the lead actor, shares similar thoughts on OTT platforms, having himself worked in Ashram. According to Tushar, it has become a strong base for actors.

He believes that usage of actors with OTT has opened up more space for actors and the audience to experiment and have freedom. Furthermore, when asked about his choices in acting roles in recent times, he says he works in parts that tell a story, a different one each time.

As stated by the director, the movie gives the youth a message to take baby steps to reach their destination without shortcuts. The film also focuses on the taboo of married girls caring for their parents.

It isn’t easy to make a movie in this age and time without a big production. But, the director has tried to narrate a story that resonates with the Indian audience. His target is to make movies on new subjects, and the same motivations keep him going and lead him to the movie’s creativity.

The film, released on July 8, tells a unique story of a married couple facing social issues in their relationship.

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