Top 5 Food Streets Of Ahmedabad

| Updated: June 23, 2022 1:09 pm

Ahmedabad is known for its rich and varied food culture, where people are willing to explore different cuisines and styles of preparation. People in this city welcome new experiences, at least as far as food is concerned. This is the reason why one can not only find traditional Gujarati food places, but also a mix of national and international cuisines in this city. Although heavy on desserts, Ahmedabad offers innumerable savoury and umami options. From Punjabi, South Indian, and Kathiavadi, to Mexican and Lebanese you will find it all here.

One thing that you can never miss in this city, though, is the street food. You will find sizzling, aromatic street food at every corner, and it is just as scrumptious as it sounds and smells. So, let’s explore some of the top places in the city where you can enjoy a wide variety of street food to satisfy your cravings.   

Manek Chowk

We cant talk about street food culture in Ahmedabad without mentioning the iconic night market of Manek Chowk. This street is bustling with long lines of food carts, the wafting smell of delicious spices and hawkers calling orders, and people just talking and enjoying their evening. This place is a one-of-a-kind sensory explosion! But the most prominent of all is the use of tons of butter and overindulgence in cheese. Amdavadis are known for their love of cheese and are also known to drench all dishes with it. You can see servers and people walking on the crowded street carrying plates heaped with food and topped with grated goodness of cheese.

Some of the dishes you must not miss while here are Bahuchar’s Bhaji-pav, Balsan Dosa’s Jini and Gwalior dosas, Ghughra sandwich, and Gujarati specialties like Vanela Gantghiya and Cholafali. Of course, you can’t miss the pulavs, pani-puris, and the chats.

As for desserts, this place has some unique dishes that you might not have seen anywhere else in India. They also cannot actually be considered desserts, but they sure will satisfy your sweet tooth. Highly recommend the chocolate-cheese, pineapple-cheese as well as ice-cream-cheese sandwiches. Yes, you will find cheese in desserts too. Try these out, you won’t be disappointed!

Ahmedabad Food Truck Park

This is the first food park that was started on S G Highway, right opposite Karnavati Club. While earlier it was more popular among youngsters, but now it is also a place for families, especially since everyone can get whatever they wish to.  This place has many trucks serving food that fall under the healthy category like fruit trucks and salad bars. On the other hand, you will find many non-vegetarian food options as well.

Jambu-shots, fruit shakes, Chicken Sandwiches, Tandoori Chicken, and egg dishes are among the favourites. Burgers, pizzas, and pasta are also enjoyed by large crowds.

Law Garden Happy Street

This is an eat-street is one of the oldest in the city. Previously known as Law Garden Khau Galli, it was recently renamed as the Happy street. This has always been a popular place for families to spend weekend nights. A place where kids can enjoy games, rides, and park, while the ladies go shopping for clothes and accessories at the shops. And of course there is tons and tons of delicious food. It makes for a perfect family night.

While earlier, this street was lined with restaurants and eating spaces in the open, now the entire place is dotted with food trucks. This street, though, still retains its old-time charm as families bustle around from one shop to another, eating finger snacks, or sipping on coll refreshing shakes. You can find anything from chat and starters to chole-bhature, pizzas, and pav-bhaji here. South-Indian and Chinese food are among the crowd’s favourite.       

HL College Road 

Mostly popular with youngsters, you will mainly find junk food that’s cheap, filling and absolutely lip-smacking here. This is another place that is lined with food wagons and small food stalls that serves tasty dishes and soft drinks that are mostly preferred by college kids.

With various types of Maggi and pasta, the street is especially famous for its delectable frankies, vada-pavs and cold coffees. You can also find momos, dalvada and unique bhels heres.

CEPT Food Street

Another street that has a vast variety of cuisines available. This is a street that is usually less crowded than other places, and such builds a more sophisticated atmosphere. The food-serving mobile wagons offer sitting arrangements and friendly service. The mouth-watering food is reasonably priced and never fails to hit the spot with its flavours.

You can find Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi, South Indian, Lebanese, along with the usual Shakes and Sandwiches. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your taste buds today.

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