Gujarat: 77 Active Covid Cases At IIM-A

| Updated: January 13, 2022 7:47 pm

In the latest count as of January 13, IIM, Ahmedabad, has 77 active Covid cases within the campus.  Wasting no time to curb the spread, the premier management institute has issued fresh guidelines. 

While the tally stood at 67 on January 11, an additional 10 tested positive between Jan 12 and Jan 13. “About 95 percent of the positive cases are asymptomatic and the other five have mild symptoms. However, we are focusing on arresting further infections and have strictly implemented MHA guidelines,” read the press release from IIM-A.  

A system of testing based on contact tracing has been adopted by the medical supervision team. All positive cases have been shifted to a quarantine hostel, even if they are asymptomatic. On receiving any positive report, the warden’s office intimates the student and instructs on preparing for a move to the quarantine hostel within an hour. The quarantine facility has all arrangements for food, medicines and other necessities. A medical staff has been designated by the institute to monitor their status multiple times daily.

Staff, faculty and family members have been instructed to stay in quarantine in their respective homes.

Meanwhile, enforcement of MHA guidelines on social distancing and wearing of masks are being followed. AMC guidelines on gym usage and other activities are already being strictly implemented. IIM-A has also created its own dashboard to follow the number of positive cases on campus. 

Other than social distancing and masking properly, rules enforced include: 

1)    All those returning to campus from outstation must take a Covid test immediately, else they will have to quarantine themselves till a test is done

2)    All offices will work with 50 per cent attendance on a weekly basis. People in essential services will attend the office after taking due precautions

3)    No outside official guests are permitted to visit campus and physical meetings are discouraged

4)    All are advised to avoid delivery of food from outside as far as possible

5)    All to avoid travel as most of the members testing positive have travel history.

6)    All are advised not to go out of campus unless it is very essential

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