Truck Bringing Alcohol To Gujarat Seized 

| Updated: January 14, 2023 6:14 pm

In a joint operation with the Gujarat state GST mobile squad and Dahod district police, seized a truck with a forged number plate smuggling alcohol near Pusari village on the Dahod-Indore highway on Friday. The truck, which was registered in Uttar Pradesh, was also carrying forged invoices claiming to have transported butter from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh to Kundali in Haryana.

The incident occurred early Friday when officials of the state GST mobile squad tried to intercept the truck at around 2.30 am on the Dahod-Indore highway, said government release. The officials suspected the truck as the scrutiny of online records showed that the truck had crossed a toll plaza in Jhakhauli in Haryana at 1 am on the same day.

The release said, “As the official tried to stop the truck, the driver zoomed past. The mobile squad immediately began chasing the truck but the driver abandoned the truck at a deserted location and escaped in the dark. Thereafter, accompanied by a police team from Rabdal police station, the mobile squad brought back the truck to the Dahod checkpost and inspected the truck in the presence of panch witnesses. The squad found Indian Made Foreign Liquor of different brands packed in white plastic bags. A total of 9,852 bottles of 750 ml and 1,200 bottles of 180 ml were confiscated in the checking.”

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