Tweet View Feature Rolls Out On Twitter

| Updated: December 23, 2022 5:33 pm

The View Count feature for tweets will be available starting on December 22 on Twitter. Elon Musk tweeted to confirm the feature’s release. Users will be able to view the actual view count for their tweets using the new feature.

On the platform, videos already have access to this capability. This new function, which Musk had earlier this month promised to release, is now accessible to all users. Recently, Twitter for Business improvements was introduced, bringing square profile photos for brands to the microblogging platform.

According to Elon Musk’s tweet, users will be able to know how many times a tweet has been seen by using the View Count feature. According to him, this novel feature is typical for videos. Given that more than 90% of users see tweets but don’t re-tweet, comment, or like them, he added that it will also demonstrate how much more active Twitter is than it may appear.

He mentioned in another tweet that tweets are read over a hundred times more often than they are liked. Twitter has also unveiled a new Blue for Business membership in the meantime. With square profile photographs for brands, it will be possible for companies and people to stand out from the competition. Companies will be able to attach their affiliated people, companies, and brands to their accounts thanks to the new Blue for Business capabilities. Once connected, the parent company’s profile picture will appear next to the verification badge on the accounts of the affiliated users.

The persons associated with the brand will have a blue tick, while the brands will get a golden tick. The feature will be made available to more firms next year, although it is now only being offered to a select few companies. 

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