U’khand Govt Announces Rs 1.5 lakh relief to those affected in Joshimath Sinking

| Updated: January 11, 2023 3:55 pm

The Uttarakhand government on Wednesday announced RS 1.5 lakh interim relief to affected families who have been shifted to safer locations after land subsidence in Joshimath led to houses and establishments to develop cracks. 

Secretary to Uttarakhand CM R Meenakshi Sundaram said that “ Each family will be given immediate interim assistance of RS 1.50 lakh. Apart from the two hotel buildings which are marked “unsafe”, no other building is being demolished. Till now, cracks have been noticed in 723 buildings.”

District Magistrate, Himanshu Khurana said that “ a central tram will survey the damage to properties due to the land subsidence and suggest a way forward while coordinating  with the local administration in relief and rescue efforts. A team of scientists from IIT Roorkee have been asked to inspect the building of the affected Bahuguna Nagar of Karnaprayag where cracks were reported.”

Cracks have appeared in more than 700 buildings in Joshimath town of Uttarakhand and over 130 families have been shifted to safer locations, according to the district administration.

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