Vaccination Certificate Sent To Dead Man In Amreli

| Updated: January 11, 2022 7:57 pm

Family members of a dead man in the Amreli district of Gujarat were shocked to receive a vaccination certificate issued in his name after his demise. 

The case has created a trust deficit in the minds of the people about the state government’s claim that more than nine crore people have been vaccinated.

The case has exposed the negligence of the Health Department. His family members have alleged that although he died on May 25 this year, the Health Department issued a vaccination certificate dated June 11 confirming that he had received the second dose of vaccine against COVID.

Many cases have come to light where wrong causes have been given on death certificates of persons who actually died of Covid-19 in the second wave of the pandemic. This amounts to fudging data to play down COVID infections.

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