Vadodara Congress Accuses Municipal Corporation Of Corruption

|Vadodara | Updated: May 17, 2022 8:45 pm

Vadodara Congress has started a campaign to showcase the condition of city lakes. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation was in charge of modifying the lakes. They also received a lump-sum amount for the same. However, on Monday, the district Congress President, Rutvij Joshi, with opposition leaders, including Ami Rawat and others, visited the lakes to highlight their deteriorating condition. They accused the administration of using the dedicated money for self-leisure.

According to the sources, the Vadodara Corporation has spent crores of rupees on the lakes on paper. However, the condition of the lakes is not good. Litter and filth surround the Vadodara lakes inside out. The Vadodara Congress started highlighting the abysmal condition of the lakes with the famous Harni Lake.

“We visited the lake after receiving complaints from locals and our party members regarding uncleanliness around the lake. Morning and evening walkers come here also complain of stench due to waste dumped here. We started from this lake and will visit every lake in the city to highlight the condition,” said Rutvij Joshi.

Ami Rawat said that the futuristic cell completed the beautification of 25 lakes and spent around 100 crores for the same purpose. However, the reason for the worse situation of the lakes is the biologically dead RCC walls and the negligence of the contract workers responsible for the maintenance of the lakes. Even during vacations, people are not visiting the public property. The opposition party demanded the cleanliness of the lakes from the corporation.

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